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Festival of German Riesling at A&H

18 Jul 2016 by Des

Join us for our weekend festival of German Riesling from Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th July at A&H Harrogate where we'll be offering wines by the glass and two special Riesling wine tasting events.

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All this month we are wheeling in the big spotlight celebrating German Riesling which is for many the greatest of white wines. It can be bubbly, bone-dry, fruitily delicious or a sweet after dinner sipper. Always the taste is of where the vines grow.

Thus, Mosel Riesling seems to be the unmediated liquid expression of the steep broken up slate slopes beside the river - magically, as if no winemaker was responsible! A revelation of vitality and friendliness - the easiest of all wines to enjoy. Look for Kabinett on the label, the little sweetness (from natural ripe sweet grapes, not added sugar) works wonderfully with Mosel's clean acidity.

Riesling has perfect pitch. In any register it retains a rooted harmony - few grapes are so favoured. The great surprise is that German Riesling is much more affordable than equivalent quality wine from Bordeaux, Barolo or Burgundy. Indeed, you can "tick off" the great estates (almost all have the VDP eagle and grapes logo on the capsule) once a week and barely notice the expense. We should add that (outside Germany) Britain is the best place to buy the best Riesling. (In other words, we get all the goodies.)

The most satisfying wines are individual, unique, compelling and complete. The winemaker's task is to present the full character of "this place", or origin. The best winemakers appear to have the great skill, devotion and self-effacement to achieve this ideal. These are not wines made in the cellar. They have no corset, no make up, no perfume, no deceit: Riesling is the naked Real Thing.

Drop into the shop any time in July - there'll always be a German Riesling on tasting.

Don't miss our special festival of German Riesling weekend from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th July with Rieslings available to enjoy by the glass, and two rather special wine tasting events. For more details click here.

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