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Craft Beer and the Law of Unintended Consequences.

28 Sep 2017 by Phil Probert

The Musicals of Lionel Bart, Craft Ale and the Presidency of Jimmy Carter might not seem immediately to have much in common but you'd be wrong.

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Craft Beer

As I was driving in today, I found myself reminded of the law of unintended consequences which covers outcomes that are not the ones foreseen and intended by a purposeful action. In my case, the purposeful action took place some time ago when one rainy afternoon, in an attempt to get my daughter to give me a few moments calm, I suggested putting on a video of the film Oliver. What I had failed to forsee was that this would become her favourite film and the soundtrack would have to be played at all times whenever we drive anywhere. Much less that I would become so used to this, that eighteen months later I would find myself belting out "Consider Yourself" to the bemusement of other road users. 

Similarly when in 1978 Jimmy Carter repealed some of the old Prohibition regulations to allow small amounts of beer and wine to be made at home, he could hardly have forseen the changes that this unleashed on the brewing industry. Homebrewing became such a popular hobby in the 1980s and 1990s in the US and  a couple of guys decided to open 'The Home Brew Shop' supplying various brewing aids to folks with a similar interest. There weren't many hops available for homebrewers in the 1970s, so they persuaded hop brokers to sell them 100 pounds of whole cone hops. This was too many for a little shop to sell so Ken bought some old dairy equipment, taught himself to weld and started brewing his own hoppy ales and thus was born Sierra Nevada Brewery - you might have heard of them. 

Of course the world has moved on a way from then. However that enterprising spirit has been a beacon for breweries all around the world and is as important today in pushing the boundaries of brewing as it has ever been. 

We are always on the look out for interesting and exciting craft beers and try to keep you updated on the craft scene. Keep an eye on our twitter and Facebook feeds for regular updates on new beers from the best British craft breweries, like Tempest, Marble, Cloudwater, Torrside, Northern Monk, Wylam, Odyssey, Buxton, Beavertown and many more. Great US craft brewers and European Trappist Beers will always find a place on our shelves.

So next time you see someone belting out showtunes on the morning commute don't forget to say, "Hi" and ask what new beers we've got in this week.

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