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The Joy of Wine (tasting)

27 Mar 2018 by Phil Probert

We spend quite a bit of time sipping, slurping, swooshing, sloshing and spitting here at Ake and Humphris, all in the name of research of course.

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Recently we have spent a lot of time in the pursuit of wines which thrill us and which we hope you will enjoy. February and March sees the wine trade introduce new wines and winemakers share their latest vintages. It might sound like a jolly but you try staying balanced, professional and clear thinking in your assessment of the latest Pinot Grigio after a couple of hundred samples.

Well, all that hard work has paid off as some of our new wines will demonstrate. First up is the wonderful Filleta Di Lamole Chianti Classico made from a vineyard planted in the 1920's this a seriously tasty wine yet light fresh and elegant, almost in the style of very fine Burgundy. While our new Cinsault from South Africa may be a little more prosaic, it is an earthy pleasure nonetheless. Plummy damson fruit mingle with bright cherry some spicy aromas while the palate is equally generous and moreish.

I'm very fond of a Provencal rose for summer sipping so you can imagine how keen I was to find something to add to our small but perfectly formed selection of rose wine. Intent on adding Provence to our shelves I sampled wine after wine from the slopes of Provence and found each one either too expensive, too thin, too sharp too little fruit until, finally, I tried the Cheval Gris di Gris from the unheralded Camargue region. Finally, something pink worth putting in my mouth; an explosion of white peach and summer pudding perfect for picnics and barbeques should the sun ever shine.

We are also very excited to give you the chance to find a few new favourites of your own at our wine fair on the 28th April from 12-2pm. This is your chance to try over 50 different wines and our brand new Gin, Ram and Kite on the same day. An opportunity like this will allow you to very rapidly identify the wines that you enjoy and the flavours that excite you. The opposite of this is also true and you will find wines that you do not enjoy and learn to spot the types of flavours you should avoid. Equally valuable knowledge to avoid spending big on Grand Reserva Rioja when you like soft and fruity wines. So pop into the shop and pick up a ticket or two or click here and grab your ticket right now.


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