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Sensational Sale

27 Aug 2018 by Phil

Discover surprising savings in our truly sensational sale...

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It’s a time when new wines are just on the horizon and lots of suppliers shuffle the deck, suddenly you might find one of your favourite (AND BEST SELLING) wines is no longer available. Some times the new vintage is disappointing due to poor weather conditions or prices have shot up due to tiny amounts being made. Whatever way you slice it things can get a bit sticky especially when you have to contend with your own wholesale customers needing a new selection.

So we regularly find ourselves at this time of the year having to look at our cellar and wonder what to do with those cases that were supposed to be for a restaurant who now want something different, or a wine that we loved but which our much loved customers seem to find less loveable. Hence the sale! Packed with great wines that we need to turn into money to bring in more new and exciting bottles.

It is also a time when our suppliers find themselves in a similar situation and we can negotiate some great prices which we can then pass on to you and get you something at an even better price. So with this in mind here are a couple of wines from our sale that you might want to drop in and snaffle before they are gone.

Cleto Chiarli Pignoletto

Fancy a change from Prosecco this wonderful sparkling wine is made in Modena from Grechetto. This grape is usually found a little further south in Lazio where it gives the Orvietto wine its fresh fuityness. Here the grapes are treated to a similar process to prosecco resulting in a fresh aperitif off dry sparkling wine that is terrifically moreish. Was £14.99 Now just £9.99

Thistledown, the Great Escape Chardonnay

Premium cool climate fruit from elevated vineyards gives this a slightly more European style than some Aussie Chardonnay. This has a couple of years under it’s belt so it doesn’t want to be kept in the dark but if you pour it nicely chilled on a Sunny afternoon you are in for a bright, mouthwatering reminder why Chardonnay is known as the Queen of Grapes. Was 17.99 Now 11.99

Pietradolce Archinieri

This is an example of a wine we loved but which seems to have not found a home. From one of Sicily’s great winemakers the fruit comes from Vines with their feet in volcanic rock clinging to the edges of Mount Etna. The wine is surprisingly light almost Burgundian rather than the powerful dark wines we associate with Sicilly. Notes of Cherry and violet remain but have a wonderful faded elegance this wine is more Miss Haversham than Estella but remains a beauty. Was 39.99 Now 19.99.

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