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Strictly Wine Tasting

23 Oct 2019 by Phil

My Saturday Nights usually involve a six year old in Pyjamas and a Tutu pointing out the mistakes made by dancers on the telly, not sampling 70 different wines. 

So spending the night pouring wine for a hundred of Harrogate's finest was a little bit of a change. However it turns out the arguments over the smoothness of a heelturn or the fineness of finegrained tannin or the excellence of frame in either are strikingly similar. For some the American Smooth is as unacceptable as Riesling however well executed while others find it simply delightful.

Saturday the 16th of November  we gave you a chance to sip, swig, rank and rate your way through a selection of wines we love. Harrogate you did not dissapoint, we had a great time seeing familiar faces and plenty of new ones too enjoying finding wines they loved that they would never normally buy.

The chance to try so many wines one after the other is something most of us rarely do but it helps to keep an open mind and taste new things. Of course not everything will float your boat but thats the joy of this kind of an event it can be as good for finding out what you don't like as it is what you do.

So we want to say a massive thankyou to everyone who came and spent their night with us and to those who missed out. We'll be doing it all again next year and hope to see you there and remember keeeppp tasting!!!