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Fabulous Mediterranean Summer wines.

14 Jul 2022 by Phil Probert

Our customers have always loved the wines of Sicily and indeed our most popular wine ever hails from this Mediterranean winemaker’s paradise.

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Baglio U Pasiento combines the dark dense fruit of Sicily’s number one grape variety Nero D’Avola with the ancient Passimento method where grapes are allowed to dry out slightly following harvest. This method popularised by Amarone in Venice gives this wine an intensity and welcoming softness tempered by a small addition of Frappatto which gives a lightness and refreshing crispness to the wine.

Sicily however has a great many more tricks up it’s sleeve. Perhaps the most highly prized is the Nerello Mascalese grape often producing very elegant wines on the slopes of Mount Etna, these can be almost Burgundian in style and price. When Paul discovered the La Bacca Nerllo Mascalese grown on the plains and so at a fraction of the price he pounced at the chance to get it on our shelves. This delicately perfumed wine has a clarity in the glass reminiscent of Beaujolais and a refreshing red fruit flavour that could compete with new world Pinot Noir. Already becoming a customer favourite this is a wine we are proud to champion at Ake and Humphris Collingham with a free tasting 22 July 2022.

Our newest white from the sunny shores of Sicily is the Zagare Vermentino. Vermentino loves to be beside the seaside and this one from the west coast of the Island is a lovely fresh summer white. This fresh and floral with zesty lemon and grapefruit flavours balanced by a slight saline mineral finish that cleanses the palate for the next bite. An ideal wine for picnics or barbeques, join us to sample this wine in Collingham on 15 July 2022.

Sicily is not the only island to have caught our fancy though, Sardinia with crystal clear seas surrounding its rocky beauty is also home to a couple of divine new wines. The Cannonau is an ancient grape variety better known as Grenache this wine has a softness and warmth that makes it a delight. Mellow and easy drinking the tannin is inobtrusive and allows the blueberry and myrtle herby fruitiness of this wine to shine. The sister to this wine is another Vermentino this has a little less citrus and some riper fruit but retains the freshness and coastal slight salty tang that makes this such a thrilling food friendly wine. One of my favourite wines to serve with seabass.

With the sun shining we are looking forward to sharing some of our favourite wines for sipping in the summer over the next few weeks.

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New wines from Sardinia