Since first opening our doors in 2010 we have been proudly independent and Yorkshire-based, owned by two Harrogate families, hence our name Ake & Humphris. Our friendly and knowledgeable team specialises in improving the quality of everyone’s wine-life no matter what the budget from our shops on Leeds Road, Harrogate and Hastings Court, Collingham. We work with many UK-based wine and spirit agencies, plus lots of local breweries and also ship to order directly from France, cherry picking the best from the best.

We hand pick our way through thousands of bottles each year (let's face it - taste everything!) to discover outstanding examples that are both true to their style and region as well as representing excellent value for money.

Between our team of six we have accrued over 100 years of experience within the wine industry. We’re advocates of “wine know-how, simply shared” and are all genuine enthusiasts. We are keen to make good quality, enjoyable wines accessible to all.

We provide more authentic wines that are produced on a scale that is only feasible for smaller independents like us, as opposed to the mass-produced wines that are manufactured for the multiple grocer market. We are proud to offer wines you are unlikely to find on the supermarket shelf - each one tried and tested by our dedicated team - delicious drinks for any occasion.

Our aim is to be trusted, treasured and respected within the local area and beyond, and to be the go-to destination for wines, beers and spirits for local customers and businesses, as well as further afield via our website. We are truly independent trailblazers and buy what we love and what we think is great, we hope you do too!

Some of our favourites

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